11:30pm, Feb. 25, 2007. (i.e. much later the same day)

To bed at 6am. The first alarm (being an analog clock) went off early.

The second, I never heard, although I found my phone under my covers during the mad scramble to get ready that followed. Was out the door by 9:10 (about an hour after I was supposed to *meet* people) and at the bus station (Retiro) by 9:30. Huzzah for taxis. And really cool friends who have pesos when I can’t get my online banking to cooperate. (Muchas Muchas Muchas gracias a Rodrigo : ) :/ )

We went to Parque de la Costa, which reminded me a huge amount of Kennywood, actually. Even though it’s on the outskirts of Bs.As., it’s smaller than Kennywood, and keeps to the small-town feel. Only … it must’ve been over 100 degrees Farenheit today in the sun (*edit* it was at least 40C, or 104F, as reported by various Argentines…), and then there’s the effects of the lower ozone here in South America (this is documented, i’m not just making it up, and yes, you can *tell*…) – it was hot, and very quiet. They had water misting stations up all over the place, just to stand in and stand in, even in the ride (“juego”) lines. Juego means game, but also ride (apparently). We rode … one water ride (a “Pittsburgh Plunge” clone), two roller coasters – one an upside-down roller coaster (my first!) and one a very twisty, grandiose number that was one of those where the seats hang down from the roller coaster. Also a couple of smaller rides (including a bumper-cars-in-the-water piece that i’m *sure* would never make in the states due to the number of unprotected outboard motors in rubber rafts in a small area in the hands of inexperienced personel etc…)… and then it was 8pm. (ye gods, the long lines), and we caught the train home. I’m beat, and haven’t slept nearly at all since friday morning.

I did want to add that the previous post (this morning) was heated, but is essentially what i meant to say; i felt, for the first time (for whatever reason) that the U.S. has a good sense of where diversity is going, and what it can look like, where the rest of the world may not (yet). This, if I may say so, seems a place we (USCitizens) could make a difference for the better; we’re not just *in* the debate… we’re leading the debate as it stands, for now. (it seems to me) …. So yes, there is racism (job discrimination, education discrimination, etc) in the US, but … on the other hand, we’re actively stirring the pot, allowing and encouraging dialog, etc etc. We’re doing a lot wrong, but (it seems to me), we’re doing a lot right as well.

ok, enough (unasked for) patriotism for one evening. Chau everyone.

Oh! Also, I have an address, so if you’ll send me a letter (and not unless!!) please send me an email and i’ll go ahead and email it back to you.
Also, I thought this blog entry on sex toy vs. gun sales in Alabama was very interesting and that the author made some good points : )


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